Eurosolids Oligo Fe-DTPA 11% with record solubility

We are proud to announce that our Fe-DTPA 11% has now an even higher solubility of over 700 gram per liter. This is by far the highest solubility of any Fe-DTPA chelate available in the market today. The product is now available for all Eurosolids distributors worldwide.

This Fe-DTPA containing 11% concentration of fully and highly soluble ferric ions (Fe3+) is developed to combat plant chlorosis, caused by growth in calcareous soils, in hydroponics with pH fluctuation, and in soils very rich in organic matter. The striking fact about Eurosolids Oligo Fe-DTPA 11% is its extremely high solubility of ~750 g/L, whereas the solubility of common Fe-chelates in the range of 80 – 120 g/L only. This breakthrough has been developed in our labs and proven to be stable, effective and plant safe.

DTPA, short for Diethylene Triamine Penta Acetic acid complex, protects the ferric iron against precipitation in a moderate pH range of 4 – 7.5. The stability constant for this chelate is relatively high, higher than the stability constant of EDTA chelate. For this reason it is commonly chosen as Fe chelate in hydroponics and well known as the Dutch standard for iron.

Oligo Fe-DTPA 11% is available as solid formulation. Other Fe-DTPA formulations are 3% Fe-DTPA, 6% Fe-DTPA (both liquids) and 7% Fe-DTPA (soluble).
The solid formulations comes in the form of strawberry-shaped yellow, dustfree microgranules, and can also be used for blending with other trace elements, macro-nutrients and/or additives such as amino acids and humic acids. Ask us for innovative solutions designed for your needs.

Eurosolids is offering a full range of Iron chelates. Check also our other products:
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Iron deficiency? Choose Eurosolids. The Ironman. 

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