A full range of fertilizers for fertigation and foliar purposes!



Eurosolids offers a complete gamma of chelated and non chelated Micronutrients in solids as well as in liquids. Our chelated assortment:

  • EDTA-chelated Micronutrients: the standard for foliar application or as raw material in WS NPK's
  • IDHA-chelated Micronutrients: the biodegradable alternative for EDTA-chelated trace elements
  • DTPA-chelated Micronutrients: the standard for hydroponics
  • EDDHA-chelated Micronutrients: the standard for alkaline soils
  • HBED-chelated Micronutrients: the alternative for EDDHA. For a long lasting effect with a high UV resistance
Next to the single elements, Eurosolids also offers mixtures: chemical mixtures (compounds) as well as blends.

Eurosolids offers a range of advanced products. The articles in this product line are divers. It varies from chelated macro nutrients to phosphites and calcium derivates. Next to that in this range you also find products to clean your dripping system and e.g. liquid products with a high percentage of potassium inside.

Eurosolids offers advanced products in solid as well as in liquid formulations. Our solids are fully soluble, limited senstitive for cacking and do contain a high nutrient content. Our liquids are clear, transparent solutions.


Eurosolids offers NPK's for fertigation and foliar application in water soluble as well as liquid formulations.

Both formulations are based upon high European quality raw materials which are pure, highly soluble and have limited sensitivity for caking. If necessary, we add a liquid anti caking. The trace element mixes inside our NPK's are 100% chelated.


Eurosolids has an extensive line of straights. They are classified in five different product subgroups. Three of them represent the main nutrient sources: Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium products. Next to that we do offer Calcium and Magnesium products.  

Eurosolids offers straights in solid as well as in liquid formulations. Our solids are fully soluble, limited senstitive for cacking and do contain a high nutrient content. Our liquids are clear, transparent solutions. Both formulations are suitable for foliar application and fertigation. Most of them can be used in high-tech soiless systems.

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