"The good quality of their innovative products makes Eurosolids the perfect supplier and producer to set a successful partnership. And most importantly, we feel supported by a professional team at any time."

Mikael Minatchy, Planters Reunion

Our product ranges

Are you looking for Nutrition? Our Essentials range consists of fundamental purely mineral water soluble and liquid fertilizers. This range provides the grower with all the essential nutrients to feed their plants.

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Are you looking for a combination of Nutrition and Biostimulation? Our High Performing Solutions range consists of innovative fertilizers that combine Nutrition with Biostimulation. This range provides the grower with solutions for better Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE), improved Abiotic Stress Tolerance and greater Crop Quality.

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Products in the spotlight

GreenSwitch® Original HG

GreenSwitch® Original HG Horticultural Grade is the first liquid Nitrate fertilizer from organic source, allowing growers to reduce their carbon footprint without changing their cropping system.

Plants for Plants® 4-Vita

Plants for Plants® 4-Vita is part of the new generation of Plants for Plants® biostimulants based on plant extracts developed for more sustainable agriculture.

Euro FolVive Calcium SC

FolVive Calcium SC brings the needed Calcium during critical fruit set and fruit growth stages, formulated without Nitrates, Chloride or Sulphate, making it a unique solution for such applications.

Euro IPE® Liquid 3 - 9 - 0 + Zn

Euro IPE® Liquid | 3 - 9 - 0 + Zn is a unique formulation based on the Euro IPE technology to improve Phosphate and Micronutrient efficiency.