At Eurosolids, we combine our know how in nutrition with the opportunities of biostimulation. Our Innovations department is actively working on screening and testing different molecules and substances, to create innovative products that meet the challenging needs of agriculture today. From the start of Eurosolids, we work closely together with Landlab, the leading R&D center in agriculture.

Our R&D partner Landlab

Starting point for all our R&D projects is Landlab, a GEP (Good Experimental Practices) certified research and development company specialized in agriculture, based just outside Vicenza in Italy. Landlab is a fully equipped Research Centre with tools and systems for imposing various growing conditions (pots, plots in different media) and for detecting the plant responses based on high throughput technologies such as phenotyping via 2D image analysis and 3D laser scan system. Our Innovations department works closely together with their team of specialists formed by researchers from different scientific backgrounds: agronomy, plants ecology and physiology, molecular biology and genetics.

The basis of their research method is based on a multi factorial and multi layer testing system. Their working method evolves from In Vitro, through In Vivo, to In Natura. In other words, scientific trials in the field and in the lab under controlled conditions. In close cooperation with Landlab, we also conduct trials with our existing products for scientific proof and perform tests to develop innovative new ones. This is how we stay on top of things and keep innovating. We are always looking for ways to make our products perform better and to best adapt them to the local growing conditions. We aim to help you Grow beyond your limits.

The R&D process

The trials that we conduct at Landlab follow these 6 steps:

  1. In Vitro – The first step is a screening of a large range of possible solutions using phytotrons, growth chambers and glasshouses.
  2. In Vivo – From the first screening, the top 4 or 5 solutions are taken to test on different crops, in pots and in a controlled environment like in a glasshouse.
  3. In Natura – In this step, the crop is placed in the soil under a rain-out shelter. Precisely controlled boom irrigation systems are used to play with the dosage and water application.
  4. Open field – After being under the rain out shelter, crops are also planted in the open field in micro plots.
  5. Different climatic zones – After undergoing the first 4 steps at the Landlab facilities in Italy, it can be decided to do further testing in other parts of the world, to test the results in different climatic zones.
  6. Demonstration trials – When being thoroughly tested in the first 5 steps, we can decide to conduct demonstration trials in cooperation with our customers all over the world.

Scientific trials

In addition to the trials at Landlab, we work together with different partners worldwide to conduct scientific trials, spread over different climatic zones. Within Europe we have our own trial station in the Netherlands and we work with Landlab in Italy and Novi Sad University in Serbia. Additionally we have ongoing demonstration trials all over the world. Each year, we conduct more than 50 trials on different fruit crops, arable crops and fruit bearing vegetables.

"At Eurosolids we combine pioneering technology with our solid expertise, developing High Performing Solutions. These solutions will help the farmer grow a more sustainable crop, profitable even under challenging climatic conditions."

Marc van Oers
Director of Innovations