Eurosolids is a Dutch producer of specialty fertilizer solutions for fertigation and foliar application. We help you Grow beyond your limits.

"At Eurosolids we provide you with the know how and the fertilizer solutions to help you Grow beyond your limits."

Erik van den Bergh
Managing Director Eurosolids

The Eurosolids group

Eurosolids distributes its products in more than 100 countries around the world. In order to do that, we have subsidiaries and representatives in France, China, United States, Lebanon and Serbia. In all the different subsidiaries we have agronomic know how to understand the local situations.

We belong to a group of companies which produces the full spectrum of fertilizers, from straights and Water Soluble NPKs to pure biostimulants. Eurosolids is also connected to networks of different expertise. Not only agronomical know how, but also know how about formulation and production and the creation of new products.

All in all, Eurosolids has got what it takes to help you Grow beyond your limits.

European quality

Thanks to our Dutch roots, we have deep know how of high-tech horticulture and broad acre crops. We have our production facilities of soluble and liquid fertilizers in the Netherlands, which are among the largest in Europe. In addition, we work together with a worldwide network of strategic partners to offer you the full spectrum of specialty fertilizer solutions.

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Our factories of Water Soluble NPKs and Liquid fertilizers are among the largest within Europe. Combining the solutions from our factories with those from our strategic partners, we created a broad network to offer you the widest range of high quality products.

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Our Innovations department is actively working on screening and testing different molecules and substances, to create innovative products that meet the challenging needs of agriculture today.

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