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Eurosolids Colima Liquid | 11 - 8 - 6 + TE + SW is a pure and concentrated liquid NPK with seaweed and EDTA chelated micronutrients. Our product is a stable solution and is recommended during shoot development and periods of vegetative growth, as well as periods of early fruitset especially for fruity vegetables. The specific balance of Colima Liquid | 11 - 8 - 6 + TE + SW makes it a good foliar complement for intensive growing early periods, in preparation for optimal production stages. The seaweed in the formula plays a role supporting the plant during critical early stages. Produced in our own plant Euroliquid.

  • Micronutrients 100% chelated and fully available
  • Developed for foliar application. Also suitable for fertigation in open field and greenhouses
  • Soft for leaf tissue
  • Better shoot development
  • Improves vegetative growth


  • Green liquid
  • Low on Sodium and Chloride
  • Easy to handle and apply


Foliar Application

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Compatible with other fertilizers, with the exception of Calcium fertilizers. Therefore a separate tank is needed or fertilizers should be applied on different times. The pH of the tank solution should be above 4.

Packaging sizes

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