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Euro FolVive Calcium SC is a pure and highly concentrated suspension, formulated with 15% seaweed and Calcium. A real innovation in the world of foliar Calcium solutions, it is the first product on the market to combine highly concentrated and bioactive seaweed with Calcium at such high level. Euro FolVive Calcium SC brings the needed Calcium during critical fruit set and fruit growth stages, formulated without Nitrates, Chloride or Sulphate, making it a unique solution for such applications.

  • Increases Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of Calcium
  • Synergistic effect between seaweed and nutrients
  • Enhances plant resistance to abiotic stress during critical stages
  • Helps fighting against Calcium related physiological disorders such as bitter pit, blossom end rot, fruit cracking, tip burn and others
  • Increases fruit firmness and shelf life


  • Developed for foliar application
  • 15% w/w of high quality Canadian seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Formulated without Chlorides, Nitrates and Sulfates
  • Soft for leaf tissue
  • Highly concentrated solution
  • Processing of seaweed according to unique method, guaranteeing optimal effect

Foliar Application

Cherry: Not recommended for stain sensitive varieties.
Apple: Only recommended if cleaning process is applied before market entry.
Shake several times before use!

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In case of foliar feeding as part of a mix with crop protection products or other fertilizers, a compatibility test has to be done prior to preparing the spray-mix.

Packaging sizes

  • 1l
  • 10l