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Euro FolVive Integral Liquid is a pure and highly concentrated liquid NPK fertilizer, formulated with 15% seaweed, mineral nutrients and EDTA chelates. Our product is a stable solution and is recommended during phenological stages with high stress levels and nutrition needs, such as intensive vegetative growth, and high production phases. The synergy between our seaweed extract and the balanced NPK and chelated micronutrients content in our formula provides adequate readily available nutrients at critical stages, improving the plant performance and providing the support needed to optimize yields. The presence of high quality seaweed supports the uptake and the transportation of nutrients and increases resistance against abiotic stress.

  • Improves root and shoot growth, vegetative growth and gives high quality buds and fruits
  • Micronutrients 100% chelated and fully available
  • Increases resistance to abiotic stress during critical physiological stages


  • Developed for foliar application
  • Highly concentrated solution
  • 15% w/w of high quality Canadian seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Black liquid
  • Soft for leaf tissue
  • Processing of seaweed according to unique method, guaranteeing optimal effect
  • Production process certified according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Produced in our own plant Euroliquids.

Foliar Application

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Compatible with other fertilizers, with the exception of Calcium fertilizers. Therefore a separate tank is needed or fertilizers should be applied on different times. The pH of the tank solution should be above 4.

Packaging sizes

  • 1l
  • 5l
  • 10l
  • 20l
  • 200l
  • 1000l

Fertilizing Knowledge

How can Seaweed improve yield?

Seaweeds are used in agriculture since the 17th Century. For example to improve resistance to drought. Combined with new technologies and due to climate changes, seaweed is the number one biostimulant used by growers worldwide.

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