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Eurosolids Oligo Boron 150 g/L Liquid is a pure and highly concentrated liquid fertilizer.

Formulated from Boron Ethanolamine and molybdenum, the product is a stable transparent to yellow solution.

Boron is a major micronutrient needed by a wide range of crops to achieve optimal performance.
It plays a crucial role in flowering, fruit setting and increase sugar and oil content in the harvest.

Thanks to the ethanolamine complexation, the product is soft on leaves and effective in foliar application.

  • It overcomes stunted growth and increases drought and heat tolerance
  • Developed for foliar application and fertigation
  • Soft for leaf tissue


  • Highly concentrated solution
  • Colourless - Light yellow liquid
  • Easy to handle and apply

Foliar Application

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Compatible with other fertilizers.

Packaging sizes

  • 10l