Eurosolids Plants for Plants® 4-Good is part of the new generation of Plants for Plants® biostimulants based on plant extracts developed for more sustainable agriculture. Biostimulants are used to counter abiotic stress. However, few have targeted oxidative phenomena, a natural and continuous process in all living organisms that ultimately leads to cell degradation and death.
4-Good strongly reduces natural oxidative damage to cells, thus greatly preserving the yield potential regardless of the growing conditions, it is a real step forward in the world of biostimulants. In addition, 4-Good improves nutrient utilization efficiency (NUE) by activating key genes responsible for nutrient transport in the plant. 4-Good has been developed for all crops in conditions of both comfort and stress.
Foliar applied during the early stages of the crop cycle, 4-Good will improve the establishment of the crop by ensuring better absorption of nutrients throughout the cycle, allowing higher yields and crop quality.

  • Fully controlled complete process from plant material to final product
  • Inducing reduction of natural oxidative stress phenomena
  • Improved NUE, guaranteeing higher yield and harvest quality
  • Safe for users, consumer and for the environment
  • Usable in organic farming in application of the Regulation (EU) 2018/848


  • 100% natural, dark red liquid
  • Patented production process
  • Optimal shelf-life is 16 months when product is stored at max 25°C if kept sealed in original container

Foliar Application

Crop Application date Max L/ha/season
Arable crops 2 applications:
• As of enough leaf coverage
• 7 - 14 days interval
Vegetables 2 - 3 applications:
• As of enough leaf coverage
• Until generative stage
Industrial crops 2 - 3 applications:
• As of plant establishment
• 7 - 14 days interval
Fruit trees and Vineyards 2 applications:
• As of enough leaf coverage
• Until generative stage

Mode of action

Genomic and metabolomic techniques and analyzes have identified a clear mode of action for 4-Good. On the one hand, 4-Good improves assimilation phosphates through activation of the PHT2;1 gene, a transporter of chloroplast phosphate, and on the other hand, we measured significantly fewer oxidizing compounds damaging the cells, allowing the plant to maintain integrity and vitality and this despite natural oxidative phenomena. The potentials and performance of production of the plant are retained.

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In case of foliar feeding as part of a mix with crop protection products or other fertilizers, a compatibility test has to be done prior to preparing the spray-mix.

Packaging sizes

  • 10l
  • 1l